Art on location by Iris Honderdos
Dubrovnik, Croatia
February 1996

dubrownk tiles

Fife years of war, the loss of so many beloved persons and finally an earthquake in the unusual rainy winter afterwards, gave the inhabitants of Dubrovnik the hopeless feeling as if they were abandoned by God himself.

Reconstruction of the buildings was in progress, but progressed very slowly. The old tiles of the destroyed rooftops, coloured by the years and partly grown over, were now laying as garbage in the streets, because they didn’t fit on the new provided tile system.

This work is a monument for these tiles, also victims of the war. A place where they can rest in peace, accompanied by the safe sounds of pigeons that had returned to Dubrovnik when peace was finally restored.
The paper roof, hanging over the tiles, is created out of children’s drawings: partly about their experiences during the war, but also about their longings for a safe future.