Belgrade, Serbia

Students were demonstrating against the falsification of the elections by Milosevic.
This installation shows the personal motivations of many students, protesting day and night in the streets of Beograd.



pravooverview pravo
It's about the physical pain in their body, especially in their feet, and the mental energy to continue their protest until new elections were finally announced. I asked the students to write or draw their individual reasons for joining in this enormous demonstration on a white peace of fabric. After tearing this in two halves, they put one in the left shoe and the other in the right shoe. After a few days the cloth were soaked with dirt and sweat, sometimes marked with blood.

The work was exhibited in the hall of the Faculty of Philosophy, the centre of the students protest. Afterwards, the pieces were compiled into a book by one of the students as a memory of this historical period. PRAVO means: Not left, not right but straight.

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